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We ship all online orders by Wednesday so that your bread gets to you before the weekend and doesn't get held up by Sunday shipping delays. You will receive an email with tracking info when your bread ships.

What this means is that if you ordered bread on Wednesday, you likely won't receive it until the following week (unless we have some bread on hand that we can ship out).

YESSSS!!! Our kitchen is a 100% dedicated gluten-free facility. Every ingredient that comes through our doors is also gluten-free.

Our breads are made without commercial (also called baker's or processed) yeast. To make our breads rise, we use the traditional sourdough technique of fermenting flour and water. This process captures the wild yeast and bacteria from the air. If you're avoiding commercial yeast, you would be safe eating our breads. Most yeast sensitivities are from due to the mass proliferation of a single strain of yeast (commercial yeast), but definitely consult your doctor if you're not sure if sourdough is safe for you!

Ahh what a bummer! We ship USPS 1-3 day but sometimes a package may arrive late. Because of the perishable nature of our breads (preservative free yay!!), if a package is late, it may arrive moldy. If this happens to you, no fret! We will reship as soon as you let us know what happened.

Send an email to or using the form above.

If there is anything at all wrong with your order, please email us with the form above or at We want nothing more than to turn that frown upside down!!!



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