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The Story of Young Kobras - A Gluten-Free Sourdough Bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area

Meet Juliana and Geoff, the dynamic duo who share an unbridled love for wholesome cuisine. They've devoted countless hours crafting delectable, health-conscious meals for loved ones. But their passion doesn't stop there; it extends to a profound belief in sustainable food practices, a commitment that reverberates through every facet of Young Kobras.

Our story sprouted from humble kitchen experiments and an unwavering resolve to reinvent bread using simple, nourishing ingredients. That's it—no frills, just pure goodness. We're on a relentless quest to refine our offerings, guided by ingredient research, ongoing recipe innovation, and the invaluable feedback of our cherished customers.

So, step into our warm and inviting slice of heaven, where every bite is a flavorful journey that not only nourishes your body but also treads lightly on our precious planet. 🍞🌿✨

The Humans Behind the Bread

Geoff Kober

Bread Magician / Co-owner

Geoff can commonly be heard unironically muttering, "All my friends are bread." He selflessly breathes Young Kobras day in and day out so that all people with all kinds of needs can enjoy bread AND feel good. 

Juliana Lopker

Chief Evangelist / Co-owner

Juliana has cultivated a long and diverse history of eating things. Being able to help others eat things too brings her abundant joy. She hopes you love YK bread as much as she does!

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