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2 Gluten-Free Sourdough Large Loaves

Regular price $44.00
Unit price

2 Gluten-Free Sourdough Large Loaves

Regular price $44.00
Unit price

This is a 2-pack of our sourdough large (full) loaves: each loaf is 3lbs 4oz aka a LOT of bread, at a good value. They are vegan, gum-free, wholegrain, naturally fermented, and baked in the Bay Area. They have a deliciously tangy taste that goes with everything.

Make sure to select "unsliced" from the dropdown if you are looking for your loaves to come unsliced. 


ORIGINAL: Sourdough starter (water, organic brown rice flour), organic sorghum flour, organic millet flour, organic tapioca flour, organic psyllium husk, organic apple cider vinegar, sea salt


Refrigerate or freeze immediately upon arrival: refrigerate for up to 1 week, freeze for up to 3 months.

Best when toasted.


*Price includes cost of shipping!*

Packaged in petroleum free, home compostable packaging by TIPA!

Orders placed by 9am PST TUESDAY are shipped by WEDNESDAY by UPS or FedEx 2-day (if you have a preference, let us know in the comments when you place your order). 

Made in a dedicated gluten-free and top 14 allergen free facility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Karen Simmons
Good bread

Very tasty bread. My only issue is that it was delivered with multiple open slits in the bread plastic bag covering. This dried the bread out quite a bit.

Aisha Dixon
Best GF sourdough ever!

Young Kobras bread is our favorite!! It is delicious and full of nutrient-dense, clean ingredients.

Brandi Hoenicke
Soooooo GOOD!!!

I recently had to eat gluten again for testing, and realized that Young Kobras Sourdough tastes BETTER then original gluten filled sourdough!!!! I couldn’t wait to go back to my delicious gluten-free Sourdough made by YK! It’s truly THE BEST!!!

Sourdough original bread is certified Gluten Free!

This is my second order of your sourdough bread, and I am very pleased again! I only order this bread due to your bakery being certified gluten free, so no worries of cross contamination. The bread is tasty and has a nice texture. It is a "natural form" of yeast, so again, no concerns for me since I have an allergy to baker's yeast. Thank you for producing such a wonderful, tasty product! I will continue supporting your business with great confidence.

Herb Rubin
Wonderful bread

This is the best gluten free sourdough bread that I have found

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